ESSENTIAL MOVING TIPS - Getting your best price & choosing Estate Agents!

Get the most out of your home equity and make the process as smooth as possible, so you are best prepared for the next chapter in your life! Be it your dream home or next investment. Getting the price just right and choosing Estate Agents can be a tricky one - hopefully these tips can assist with you making the right choice. More tips and treats covering all things property - Follow On The Ball Property on Instagram, Twitter & YouTube! If you need further help or independent

Property Network Feature: Property Plunge

Today we connect and talk with a fellow property developer and entrepreneur who has similarly used the Pandemic as an opportunity to grow an promising idea into fruition. Meet Chris at Property Plunge! Chris is doing a deep dive into property investing and documenting his journey, whilst offering all his insight along the way. Let's dive right in. 1) Congratulations on the launch of your new property business - Can you briefly describe what it is you cover? Thank you very muc


I want to build a property community and network across the UK and beyond - We can help each other in all realms of the industry. Estate agents, tradesman, solicitors, mortgage and financial advisors, investors, property lovers and more - Join me! I can help refer you work when jobs come up in certain areas with clients across the UK and beyond, it's a win win! - All the time whilst celebrating luxury properties from across the world. Sign up to our new network on www.ontheba