ESSENTIAL MOVING TIPS - Getting your best price & choosing Estate Agents!

Get the most out of your home equity and make the process as smooth as possible, so you are best prepared for the next chapter in your life! Be it your dream home or next investment. Getting the price just right and choosing Estate Agents can be a tricky one - hopefully these tips can assist with you making the right choice. More tips and treats covering all things property - Follow On The Ball Property on Instagram, Twitter & YouTube! If you need further help or independent


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Buying or Selling a property during Covid-19

It is indeed a strange and disturbing time for everyone - especially for all families affected directly by the virus, but of course for all jobs and the economy there is a lot of uncertainty right now in the world. I want to give a bit of insight into what is happening in the UK property market, and what it is like for moving home at this time. Of course some of the things mentioned may be subject to change in the coming weeks. -EDIT 13/05/2020 - Viewings, Valuations and movi