Estate Agents are now re-opening following lockdown restrictions

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The news hit today that the property market is now allowed to commence all face to face appointments again, being valuations, viewings and house moves, albeit with following strict social distancing measures.

Sales and Lettings Agents across the UK have had to scramble their efforts together with some offices re-opening today, or into next week, after previous little news.

Most Agencies have been working online from home during restrictions, although some bigger firms have had employee cuts across the board.

This is indeed excellent news for the market to step back up a notch, although some may think it's a little too early considering the Covid-19 ongoing cases and deaths. Especially with how many appointments Agents can have in a day... never mind in a week.

If staff, buyers and sellers can all keep aware or 'alert' of the guidelines, hopefully the market can satisfy the pent up demand safely, with people being able to make their moves again after 7 weeks of lockdown and with little to no activity.

For the full, detailed information provided today by the UK Government, please see their website for current guidelines:

For more specific property related enquiries or needs, please consider my specialist consultation products. Feel free to get in touch for more information.

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Joshua Ball.

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