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Property Network Feature: Property Plunge

Today we connect and talk with a fellow property developer and entrepreneur who has similarly used the Pandemic as an opportunity to grow an promising idea into fruition.

Meet Chris at Property Plunge!

Chris is doing a deep dive into property investing and documenting his journey, whilst offering all his insight along the way.

Let's dive right in.


1) Congratulations on the launch of your new property business - Can you briefly describe what it is you cover?

Thank you very much, although for me, I wouldn’t say it’s a property business – at least not yet. Property Plunge is more like a story that you get to watch unfold about the beginnings of a property business... What this site is there to do - is give full disclosure. The good, the bad, the ugly. There’s so many resources and stories out there about people who have already made it in property. But for me, what’s missing is that sense of grounding. What is it really like, month by month to achieve your dreams. That’s where Property Plunge comes in, a real-life account from start to finish, warts and all. Along the way, I also share useful resources, how-to guides and other interesting property related articles.

2) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to start this venture?

My name is Chris, what I like to describe myself as is a “wantrepreneur”. You know the type, always dreaming about finding the idea that will make me my fortune and help me retire early to enjoy life. Well, I’m 27 years old now and have got myself a good, secure and well-paid 9-5 job. Ugh! I can’t wait to get out of it. I accidentally stumbled into property shortly after buying my first place on my own. It was a wreck, I gutted the whole thing and put it back together piece by piece. A year and a half later, I ended up selling the place. Crikey, that process took me by surprise and opened my eyes to the opportunities that are available in property. 6 months after that, and half way through my next renovation – Property Plunge was born. You can find out more directly on my About page. 3) Who do you feel your business and expertise is best suited for? Like-minded people. Pure and simple. The website is there to give a true and accurate account of my journey into property. If you’re interested in getting into property yourself, then this site is for you. When I started my research I found it quite difficult to find good representations with all the detail. Yes, there were lots of self-professed “gurus” but all from people who had already “made it”. Along the way, I share all the useful materials I come across. Over time, I hope the site can become a good repository of information for all property entrepreneurs.

4) Are there any specific areas that you are wanting to focus on now or in the future

For me, it’s the quickest route I can find to “financial freedom”. My first goal is to get myself into a position where I can hand my notice into my current employer to focus on property full-time. Right now, I’m finishing renovations on my current house. I plan to sell and use the proceeds to invest in property. Right now, I’m researching different strategies. At the moment I’m leaning to 3 different options:

  • Buy to sell, buy an old house, do it up and sell on for a profit – homes under the hammer style.

  • Buy, renovate, re-finance and rent (BRRR). Same principle as above, except rather then selling it I will re-finance it to pull some equity out for the next investment & rent out for a regular income.

  • Buy, renovate, re-finance and holiday let. As above, but use as a holiday let rather than standard rental – currently investigating this option now

It was awesome to connect with Chris and get a bit of insight into Property Plunge! I very much look forward to following his journey.

He is building a network of like minded property lovers and has some really excellent ideas, sharing his ongoing profits and losses and his experiences with property renovating, investing and more.

For a further look into what he covers I highly recommend checking his site at

Follow us both over at Twitter where we found each other!

Property Plunge

On The Ball Property


I also caught up with Chris to share some further details and answer some questions about my own venture with On The Ball Property.

To see my full interview click here.

I hope you will all join me in wishing Chris the very best with his endeavours, I look forward to speaking again!

Joshua Ball

On The Ball Property

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