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All visitors or users data will be protected and be kept private to any other parties other than On The Ball Property. If you join, or comment on my blog, a public user profile will be created, including no personal information. If after signing up and you want to cancel your account, all information will be deleted on any user.

All usage of intellectual property including name, the site and logos belong to the owner of On The Ball Property and are not reserved for any other parties to use, unless formally agreed.


I highly doubt I can't be of some help to you! But just in case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we offer a full refund policy if I can't help you with your specific queries.

Whilst working in the industry I have had to adhere to the Property Ombudsman, The NAEA, PropertyMark and other Regulatory bodies in order to provide thorough and correct information.


  • The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31st January 2020 .We cannot predict the short, medium or long term effect of leaving the EU on the property market .However there is a risk that the property market and property values in general, may be adversely affected in the future , and this risk must be considered.

  • The latest RICS UK Residential Market Survey (for March 2020) headlines that the UK housing market is presently halted by the Corona Virus. The report advises that estate agents have been required to close, near term expectations have fallen dramatically, but that house prices in the previous 3 months to March 2020 had risen. Unfortunately the outlook following the outbreak of the Corona Virus has turned negative. Rents are now stagnating and may fall in the coming months.

  • National and International issues associated with the outbreak of the corona virus and its consequences, could now have a dramatic effect on the UK property market. This valuation takes no account of such potential changes, and is based upon the most recent comparable sales evidence available to us. The situation is evolving, and you should assume a significant measure of uncertainty.

  • Our valuation is based on a desktop appraisal only (we have not carried out a drive by inspection, or internal inspection of the property) but will use Google Maps and other valuation comparable tools.

  • Our valuation assumes that the property is structurally sound, is free from serious defect, and is presented to a good overall standard both internally and externally, unless otherwise advised.

  • Our desktop valuation appraisal, assumes that the property is Freehold.

  • We understand that the property is Leasehold. We have not seen the lease, and assume that it contains no onerous provisions.

  • Our valuation assumes that the ground lease is not subject to an escalating rental structure, and that the property would be considered as a suitable security for lending purposes.

  • Our valuation assumes that there are no boundary dispute issues, affecting the property.

  • Our valuation assumes that the property is of a traditional construction, acceptable to mainstream lenders. We will advise if we think otherwise.

Any concerns as always please feel free to get in touch with the owner - Mr Joshua Ball.

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